TIL - The Tcl ICE Library


1. Why is TIL not incorporated to tcllib?

There are two reasons for keeping the TIL separate from tcllib.

  • The TIL ships both as a number of packages and as a number of stand-alone utilities. Some of the packages are inter-twined with the packages themselves. For example, the socket client package library can make direct use of the proxy bridge which is a stand-alone utility. tcllib hosts packages only, and the inter connection of the TIL packages and utilities would break this design.
  • The TIL is the direct result of a number of research projects and making this visible as a separate library was easier than incorporating it in the tcllib.

2. Which platforms does the TIL run on?

The TIL has been coded in a heterogeneous Linux and Windows environment. The coding itself has occured on these two platforms, with daily migration (and thus testing) of the code. Some initial tests have shown that the TIL also works well on the Mac. I welcome any input on that platform.

3. The process package does not work on windows, why?

This is because the process package depends on separate binaries that I cannot redistribute as part of the library. Place the content of the PsTools utilities in the process/bin/windows subdirectory and everything should be fine. I strongly recommend some of the utilities that are made available at SysInternals for those of you running Windows.

4. Which research projects/prototypes has the TIL been used in?

Some TIL components originate from WebPath and its successor, WebPR. New components and the extreme componentisation approach came to birth during the course of the mBlog project. At that time, the TIL was not a library per-se and was not distinctly organised as packages. Putting it all together as packages occured when working on the Teknorama station that was on display at the national museum of science and technology for a number of months. Putting it all together and creating a SourceForge project around it is a direct dissemination result of the DAPHNE project. Since then, TIL has been used in a number of prototypes and installations: the interactive salon reuses part of the Teknorama station, the pondcaster (see latest ERCIM news) provides a social and collaborative approach to podcast searching, browsing and consuming.

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